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In a Basic Integration, where you want to send data from a system A to a system B, you need to obtain data from the System A and save it in Cenit. Later, those records of type A, will be mapped to records of type B, where B is a valid data type for the System B.

In order to implement that integration in Cenit, we must define 3 processes called Flows:

  • the Import Flow, that converts data from System A to an appropiate data type in Cenit,

  • the Converter Flow, that converts the data stored in Cenit from System A to the appropriate data type for System B,

  • the Export Flow, that exports data of data type B stored in Cenit to System B.

Each type of workflow needs some elements to be defined, to be able to fulfill the mission that is destined for it: connections, authorizations, transformations , algorithms and data types.

These conveniently defined elements make up the structure of a flow.

Each flow is executed manually or in a controlled way by means of Data Events or Schedulers.

Another way to configure a flow is by using a Notification Flow.

The figure bellow shows the Workflow Menu.

Nuevo Menu Workflow