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Connector Factory

A Connector App is a special kind of collection which provides all the resources (authorization, connection, webhooks, data types, events and algorithms) to handle the import and the export process of a set of records. By using one or more connector apps you can gain productivity by reducing time and effort when you create an integration.

The Connector Factory is an embedded app which allows to create a connector app by using a simple interface. For creating a connector app through the Connector Factory you just have to enter a few information related to the API you want to access and the records to be handled, and a complete set of resources will be generated. Then you probably need to customize some elements in the connector app according to the API specifications and it will be ready to be used. From the same Connector Factory's UI you can access the created elements for exploring or customizing them. So, by using the Connector Factory, a whole set of resources can be easily generated and managed from a single interface.

On the other hand, the Connector Factory normalizes/standardizes the Connector workflows. Cenit allows to do an integration in different ways; that means when you put together the desire of building connectors at scale and the different ways of achieving that goal, the result could be a heterogeneous set of connectors. So, by standardizing the connector app workflows, it would be easier to create integrations later. Since we had the need to build connector apps that match the same patterns, the Connector Factory is a valuable tool which provides simplicity in the creation of the connector apps and homogeneity in the created resources.

Accessing the Connector Factory

In the side bar where the Cenit IO main menu is shown, scroll down and you will find the list of embedded apps, then choose Connector Factory.

01 Connector Factory in Side Bar

Once inside the Connector Factory, you can create a new connector app as well as managing the existing ones. The picture below shows the conector factory's main view.

Connector Factory Main View

After creating one or two Connector Apps, you will be able to create a Recipe, an special kind of collection that implements the mapping process between two Data Types defined in a connector app. A Recipe can be easily generated in the same Connector Factory interface.