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Cenit IO - Docs

Open iPaaS

The Platform

Multitenant open iPaaS with a modern and powerful engine. Designed to solve unique integrations needs, supporting a wide range of use cases.

Open Source

Cenit IO is open source and free, and the right place to launch an on-premises Cenit server, that you can modified as needed to build your business. Your code contributions are welcome.

Cloud or On-premises

It is your choice use our cloud services to move faster and not worry about infrastructure or deploy a Cenit server in your data center with full control to meet your needs..


New Data Type is created using a JSON Schema, then a complete REST API and a CRUD UI are generated to manage the data.

Data Integration

Cover data validation, transformation, and mapping. Supported multiple data formats and communication protocols.

Routing & orchestrations

Setting up multi-step integration flows through atomic functions like connection, transformation, webhook, and flow.

Level Visibility

Giving options to share integrations at different openness levels: inside a tenant, to specific tenants, or for everyone.

Integration Services

Runs cloud service integration for publication and management of APIs to support application and data integration needs.


Convenient Onboarding of New Tenants. Each tenant's data is isolated and remains invisible to other tenants.